Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Sweet Taste... of Xylitol

Like the slightly befuddled dad that I'm slowly coming to realise I actually am I've managed to set up a Bandcamp page for Xylitol, from which you can download the lost 2nd Xylitol album from 2007 'Error Bursts In Transmission' (it's funny how six years can seem like a lifetime ago, he says whimsically.)

You can also download an exclusive Xylitol sampler 'The Sweet Taste of Xylitol' collecting together some barely-heard-before material from the earliest years, the years of frenetic overproduction and some more recent efforts which may yet be reworked into something new in the future.

It's all here, and while I'm still overcome with the irrational desire to share the fruits of my labour with the world for nothing you can download them for free. Donations are welcome, of course.

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